Thursday, January 12, 2017

Steak At Stake : A Food Allergy Story Written By Desiree DeNourie

As I was reading this book, I knew exactly what Cole was experiencing while trying to order foods HIS WAY at a restaurant.   I also have problems going out to eat and have run across some restaurants that could care less about food allergies.  It is sad, but I would rather not go out to eat than try to chance a restaurant getting my order correct.

I have been in Cole's shoes many times when eating out.  I once had a waiter ask my Husband if I was always this picky.  My Husband told him, I am not picky,.. I eat the way I do for health reasons.

It is becoming easier to find restaurants that are allergy friendly, but there are still some that just have no clue about allergies.... nor do they care.

I also have a 4 year old Granddaughter with food allergies.  She doesn't understand why she can't have certain foods.  Going out to eat with her is very hard.  I am hoping this book will help her to understand she is not alone.  There are other kids out there who have some of the same food issues that she has.

Come see what happens to Cole on the hungriest day of his life! Cole loves eating at restaurants, especially when steak is on the menu. The problem is Cole has many food allergies and sometimes people struggle with tolerance.

About The Author

As a mother of three active boys, Desiree keeps pretty busy.  Her youngest son was diagnosed with sever peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies when he was very young.  A few years ago she was inspired to write a story about what a typical restaurant visit gone awry could look like.  Fortunately, her family hasn't experienced many instances like the one depicted in this book.  Last year, she felt the need to reach out to others by beginning a blog. "Sharing Community of Food Allergies." Through this blog, and her book, she likes to raise awareness for food allergies, and educate herself and others.  Her book also explores important words you can find as part of a character education curriculum.  These words are: tolerance, respect, empathy, compassion, kindness, and good citizenshiip.  Perfect for Ages 4 through 11.

Desiree is a member of FARE, FAACT, Kids with Food Allergies, Freedible, and SCBWI.  Join her Goodreads group, "living with food allergies" to participate in discussions.  She enjoys making school appearances, and welcomes all to contact her through her author website

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons And Other Skin Parasites By Richard Kuhns B.S. Ch.E. NGH Certified #Review

Some of you that know me, know I have posted about parasites before.  YES... I have had and probably still have parasites.  But, I control them VERY WELL.
I also control the candida very well.  I work on my health daily.

I have never had Morgellons, but know people that do.  Some of them deal with it very well and others.... not so well.   That is why I wanted to read this book.  To help my friends and possibly myself if I ever find the need.

I have been to Doctors about parasites when I was trying to figure out how to get rid of them.  Do you know I had one doctor turn his back on me to talk.  The other one, I showed pictures to.  Pictures of roundworms that I expelled.   He agreed that yes, they look like worms.... but no.... He said if I  had worms like that, I would be dead.   So he was no help to me.  I had to figure it out all on my own.  And I did.  Well, pretty much anyway.

I get emails daily from people (I write the blog My Journey With Candida) asking me how to deal with parasites, candida and other health issues.  I know what I did for myself, but I have a hard time putting my experience into words that others will understand. And I am NOT a Doctor so my knowledge is very limited.

I won't gross you out with the wormy details, but if you suspect you might have morgellons, skin parasites or fungus, this book may really help you heal yourself.

This book talks about foods you should eat.  Foods are VERY important in the healing process. Not only will you learn about the King Diet, but you will also find some great recipes in this book.

One recipe that I haven't made yet but I am planning on it is not for food.  It is for Four Thieves Oil.  I heard about Four Thieves years ago, and now I have the recipe!!

You will also learn ways to treat not just morgellons but things like mites, bedbugs, Lyme Disease, yeast fungus, collembola, strongyloides and so many other parasites and skin problems.

About How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons And Other Skin Parasites
Richard first became infected with itchy skin parasites in the mid 90s.  It was a life changing and life threatening event during which time he seriously considered suicide to end the relentless suffering from round the clock itching and biting being brought on by the parasites.

Countless doctors knew nothing .. some suggested it was in his head, but he knew otherwise.  He had become infected from a cloud of dust as he pulled a vine from a tree in his backyard.  Fortunately, at the advice of an acquaintance, he looked to diet.  Over the course of ten years he experimented with diet and discovered that many foods feed the parasites and many foods starve them.  In 2004 he was the first person to identify the differences among Morgellons, Collembola and Strongyloides, all of which have similare itching and biting symptoms.

He published the King Diet (SM), also known as the Parasite/Lyme Diet, along with other practical a, b, c methods of getting one's life back in his first e-book in 2006 titled, Soothing th Itch Within and the Diet to Control It.  Since that time, he has helped thousands of sufferers world wite utilize this diet to get their lives back.  The book was updated and republished in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and now again in 2016 as How To Get Your Live Back From Morgellons And Other Skin Parasites.

About The Author
Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. (a chemical engineer), an Amazon best seller, successfully worked with thousands of individuals to achieve their goals of improved self esteem, shedding weight, managing stress, and becoming healthier. As an accredited hypnotist, Richard is considered to be one of the most advanced and progressive self-help specialists. He brings a progressive approach to self-help by combining hypnosis with a cognitive shift (a shift in one's thinking perspective), nutrition, and stress management skills. He operated the Biofeedback Center of NJ and Hypnosis Consultants for over twenty years. He is now in private practice and is creator and author of over fifty self empowering CD's or MP3 Downloads at In the mid 90's he contracted skin parasites and over the course of several years discovered the diet that allowed him to get his life back to normal and since then has helped hundreds and hundreds of others deal with the skin parasites.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movement Matters By Katy Bowman ~ Get Outside And Move It

I know for a fact that Movement Matters.  If you don't use it.... You are going to lose it!!  I have watched my Mother-in-Law go downhill from lack of movement.  She was my age when she would say it would hurt to walk.  I tried to explain to her that it was because of the lack of using her muscles that she hurt.  But of course, she wouldn't listen to me.

I remember one time all of us went to Las Vegas.  My Mother in Law could hardly walk.  But after a week of walking in and to the casinos, she started walking better and further than she had in a long time.    Then we went home and she started sitting around again.

I have given up trying to motivate her.  She would rather go to a doctor and get that magic pill that she keeps thinking is going to make her well.  Sadly, those pills haven't helped her a bit.  In fact, they have damaged her kidneys.

So, if you want to be active as you age..... MOVEMENT MATTERS!!!!  Whatcha Doin On Your Butt?  Get outside and MOVE IT!

As you are sitting in front of your computer, do you ever stop to think about who has to move for you so you can spend all this time at your desk?  The barista? The Farmer? The Factory worker who made your clothes?  To avoid the sim;lest movements, we require - without realizing it - other humans elsewhere in the the world to move for us.  As we grow more aware of our environment by buying organic food, composting and avoiding harsh chemicals in our homes, biomechanist Katy Bowman asks us to bring MOVEMENT  into the equation.  In her newest book, "Movement Matters", Bowman delves into the mechanics of our sedentary culture and deep potential of human movement.  These essays are intended to educate, inspire and motivate readers towards a movement based lifestyle; a lifestyle that honors bothe the bodies in which we dwell and the body upon which we reside.  "Movement Matters" will be available in trade paperback and e-book on November 30, 2016, from Propriometrics Press on Amazon.

Bowman's essays highlight our culturally conditioned preference for being sedentary by exploring everything from the missing "movement nutrients" in our kitchens to forest schools to the problems of keeping the human animal isolated from nature.  Unapologetically direct, often hilarious and always compassionate, "Movement Matters" will motivate readers to move more by demonstrating that human movement is powerful, important, and perhaps the most joyful and effcient way to transform one's body, life and world.

The book's foreword, by Ben Pobjoy, describes how hearing Bowman on a podcast set him on a path: first moving, then moving mindfully, and then moving graciously.  In one year, he lost over 100 pounds and delivered over 1000 sandwiches to those in need.

About Katy Bowman
A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, Katy has the ability to blend a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible solutions and an unwavering sense of humor, earning her legions of followers.  Her award-winning blog and podcast,  Katy Says, reach hundreds of thousands of people every month.  Thousands have taken her live classes.  Her books, the bestselling "Move Your DNA" (2014), "Diastasis Recti" (2015), "Don't Just Sit There (2015", Whole Body Barefoot" (2015), "Alignment Matters" (2013), and "Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain and Relief" (2011) have critically acclaimed and translated worldwide. In between her book-writing efforts, Katy directs and teaches at Nutritious Movement Center Northwest, travels the globe to teach the Nutritious Movement courses in person and spend as much time outside as possible with her husband and two young children.  She is a regular source for national health publications and is often featured on radio, television talk shows and news segments.  IDEA recently named her one of their "Top 14 Rising Stars in Fitness."
 Katy's program and center can be found at
Twitter @NutritiousMvmt
Instagram @nutritiousmovement

Monday, November 28, 2016

Yoga Affect A Primer for a Beautiful Life By Sandra Zuidema #Review

Like the author of Yoga Affect, Sandra Zuidema, I started doing yoga because I was in physical pain.  Doing yoga helps me with my day to day life.  Not only my physical pain but yoga helps me feel alive and well in mind and body.

This book is helping me with my breathing to get to that relaxation point.  I think maybe my breathing has been what has caused some of my pain.

I use yoga for low back pain, but never thought much about my breathing until I read this book.  Breathing correctly does help!   I seem to get much more from my yoga workout now.

Everyone knows that yoga is good for your physical health.  But did you know that it works to improve the capacity of your mind and awareness of your spiritual being as well?

Breaking down yoga's long and complicated history, author Sandra Zuidema links ancient theory to cutting-edge science revealing an expansive level of consciousness affecting health, wellness and spiritual awakening-all in terms that even those new to yoga can understand.

Yoga is being used to help manage chronic diseases, trauma, depression and addiction.  But some of the most powerful techniques from traditional yoga remain hidden from mainstreamed mindfulness methods and physical practices.  Now, regardless of your personal or religious background, Yoga Affect opens your mind to release biases and fears that may be holding you back from the healing benefits yoga has to offer.

Discover the peace of mind and welness that awaits you with the easy to read guide to one of history's most misunderstood science.

Sandra Zuidema is a yoga teacher, facilitator, and author from Naples, Florida.  She has always been interested in yoga, religion, psychology, and health.

Sandra's mission is to clarify and provide a path to implement the ancient teaching of yoga making them available to others who may benefit from its healing powers, regardless of their physical condition or religiours beliefs.

Combining modern science with ancient theory reveals a compelling perspective of what Sandra has coined. "Yoga Affect", a stream of consciousness that links the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of all beings.

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Also be sure and check out my Amazon review here

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who Is Santa? And How Did He Get To The North Pole? By Stephen W. Bigalow

When my Daughter was growing up, she believed in Santa until about the age of 10 She started questioning me about Santa.
Was he real?  and so many other questions that I just had no idea how to answer without making a non believer out of her.  I think the kids at school had a lot to do with it.  At that age, they are starting to question things.

I wish I would have had this book then!!  At 10, she was done letting me read to her, but I could have handed her the book and let her read it herself.  Then we could have talked about what she read and felt.

I now have Grandkids who are getting to the age where they will be asking a lot of hard Santa questions.  I plan on handing them this book and hopefully after reading it, I will have a couple more
years of them believing there is a Santa Claus.

Who is Santa? is a delightful and entertaining rolling history of how the gift-giving of Santa came about. You will be amused at how the spirit of Christmas came about. Reading the tale of how the Claus's eventually got to the North Pole will keep you engrossed for many hours. Whether you are reading to children or to yourself, the whimsical writing style of Stephen Bigalow will keep you smiling and laughing. Who is Santa?will become a family favorite as it is handed down for generations and enjoyed by children year after year.

Author Bio:
Steve Bigalow Loves Christmas but was always disappointed there were no new Christmas stories, so he decided to write one himself.
Author Website:

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just Like Gulliver By Janet Squires #ChildrensBook Review
Since I live in Pennsylvania, very close to Punxsutawney, 
( That is where Punxsutawney Phil reins on Groundhog Day) We are planning on taking the Grandkids to watch Phil strut his stuff in 2017.
This book, Just Like Gulliver is the perfect book to read them to get them excited for the big day.
Gulliver, like Phil wakes up early on February 2nd to go out to see his very first Groundhog Day. Gulliver has never seen his shadow, so you can imagine how scared he was of a shadow that mimicked everything that Gulliver did. You and your children will find this book not only entertaining, but very informative. It teaches about shadows, and why we have Groundhog Day. At the end of the book, they will learn all about Groundhogs.
Very cute book to help kids understand how Groundhog day came to be. It even taught me a thing or two.

Just Like Gulliver shares the adventure of a young groundhog who is frightened of his own shadow until a fun-filled journey through the woods adn farms surrounding his burrow allows him to discover his courage on Groundhog Day.
About the author:
Janet Squires is an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction.  She began her career writing for adults, but her experiences as a library media specialist for children led her to a younger audience.  As a result, her book  The Gingerbread Cowboy, was selected by the Arizona Governor for distribution to every first grade student in the state.  Just like Gulliver was inspired by two of her favorite interests -- animals and American folklore.  Janet and her husband live in California, surrounded by a wildlife habitat, where hawks sail overhead and coyotes sing at night. 

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