Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who Is Santa? And How Did He Get To The North Pole? By Stephen W. Bigalow

When my Daughter was growing up, she believed in Santa until about the age of 10 She started questioning me about Santa.
Was he real?  and so many other questions that I just had no idea how to answer without making a non believer out of her.  I think the kids at school had a lot to do with it.  At that age, they are starting to question things.

I wish I would have had this book then!!  At 10, she was done letting me read to her, but I could have handed her the book and let her read it herself.  Then we could have talked about what she read and felt.

I now have Grandkids who are getting to the age where they will be asking a lot of hard Santa questions.  I plan on handing them this book and hopefully after reading it, I will have a couple more
years of them believing there is a Santa Claus.

Who is Santa? is a delightful and entertaining rolling history of how the gift-giving of Santa came about. You will be amused at how the spirit of Christmas came about. Reading the tale of how the Claus's eventually got to the North Pole will keep you engrossed for many hours. Whether you are reading to children or to yourself, the whimsical writing style of Stephen Bigalow will keep you smiling and laughing. Who is Santa?will become a family favorite as it is handed down for generations and enjoyed by children year after year.

Author Bio:
Steve Bigalow Loves Christmas but was always disappointed there were no new Christmas stories, so he decided to write one himself.
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  1. How cute! My little one, well he's not so little anymore. He is 9 and starting to ask questions. I will be very sad if he stops believing so soon. To me he is still my baby.