Monday, November 28, 2016

Yoga Affect A Primer for a Beautiful Life By Sandra Zuidema #Review

Like the author of Yoga Affect, Sandra Zuidema, I started doing yoga because I was in physical pain.  Doing yoga helps me with my day to day life.  Not only my physical pain but yoga helps me feel alive and well in mind and body.

This book is helping me with my breathing to get to that relaxation point.  I think maybe my breathing has been what has caused some of my pain.

I use yoga for low back pain, but never thought much about my breathing until I read this book.  Breathing correctly does help!   I seem to get much more from my yoga workout now.

Everyone knows that yoga is good for your physical health.  But did you know that it works to improve the capacity of your mind and awareness of your spiritual being as well?

Breaking down yoga's long and complicated history, author Sandra Zuidema links ancient theory to cutting-edge science revealing an expansive level of consciousness affecting health, wellness and spiritual awakening-all in terms that even those new to yoga can understand.

Yoga is being used to help manage chronic diseases, trauma, depression and addiction.  But some of the most powerful techniques from traditional yoga remain hidden from mainstreamed mindfulness methods and physical practices.  Now, regardless of your personal or religious background, Yoga Affect opens your mind to release biases and fears that may be holding you back from the healing benefits yoga has to offer.

Discover the peace of mind and welness that awaits you with the easy to read guide to one of history's most misunderstood science.

Sandra Zuidema is a yoga teacher, facilitator, and author from Naples, Florida.  She has always been interested in yoga, religion, psychology, and health.

Sandra's mission is to clarify and provide a path to implement the ancient teaching of yoga making them available to others who may benefit from its healing powers, regardless of their physical condition or religiours beliefs.

Combining modern science with ancient theory reveals a compelling perspective of what Sandra has coined. "Yoga Affect", a stream of consciousness that links the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of all beings.

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  1. I know a couple of people that have done yoga. They all said that they found it quite relaxing.

  2. Ooooo now this looks like one awesome read!! I need to add a few books to my reading list so I might just have to add this one

  3. I want to try yoga to get relaxes sometimes and my mind will get refresh from stress.

  4. I haven't tried yoga before but heard many good things about it. With my health yoga is out of the question but I do like meditation for peace and wellness. I'm doing mindful meditation everyday. I'm going to check on this one. Thanks

  5. I bet that's a great book! Yoga is probably the only form of exercise that I enjoy.

  6. I've been practicing yoga for many years and the benefits have been tremendous.